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Our gym is equipped with innovative equipment of top world brands such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, etc., which meets the highest international standards. The latest research carried out by specialists in biomechanics, 3D-analysis and modeling of the parameters of interaction between a person and a simulator made it possible to create perfect fitness machines. They load the muscles to the maximum, and the load on the joints and the risk of injury are reduced to zero. Life Fitness and Hammer Strenght equipment is designed to provide you with absolutely safe and extremely effective workouts. In addition to the diversity of power simulators and free weights, our hall has a modern Functional Training Zone, where various unstable platforms, TRX suspension loops, ropes, handles and other innovations can be used as additional equipment. This type of popular training will allow you to comprehensively work out the whole body, adapt it to the activity in everyday life and harmoniously develop all the physical qualities. Regular exercises in the gym form strong muscles and ideal proportions of the figure, this is where the foundation of good health, physical and mental stability is created. But all types of physical activity require professional attention, especially when it comes to novice visitors to the hall. Only the trainer knows how to help your health without harm. The instructor develops a special program in accordance with the individual characteristics of the student. In drawing up the training plan, age, gender, the presence of chronic diseases and, most importantly, the fitness goal, which the trainer should help achieve, are taken into account. Mentor gives advice on diet for beginners, helps to pick up exercise equipment, establishes the optimal degree of load and controls the correct technique for doing the exercises. A gym with a trainer allows you to minimize the risk of injury.

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07:00 - 23:00
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Today: 07:00 - 23:00