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Movement Tallinn

Opening at 07:30

What is Movement Tallinn? It is a mix of sports skills, modern dance, yoga, co-ordinating drills for battling and ball games. The main goal is to improve mobility and quality of life through playful and sometimes improvisational movements. As the fast-paced life styles and conveniences of today are placing our bodies more and more into different subordinate positions, we also attach great importance to the techniques that facilitate relaxation and release. Tension and closed body restrict our physical performance and tired more quickly mentally, the same story is too loose.

What we are trying to create in training is balance and control. The body is seemingly free, beautiful and, if necessary, ready at any time for maximum effort, for example, to spy on a bus, slipping to balance or, if necessary, jump over the horse. In addition, we introduce and continuously disclose various motion patterns such as armpits, armpit, thighs, and fingers. Skills and knowledge for body use are what we teach people, because the versatile and well-coordinated body looks good anyway.

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