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Lemon Gym IMANTA

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# Lemon Gym IMANTA

Located in the modern Riga neighborhood of Imanta, Lemon Gym Imanta is a popular gym that offers a large selection of equipment for strength and functional training, as well as hundreds of virtual classes every month.

# What fitness facilities does Lemon Gym IMANTA offer?

## Equipment You can find several workout zones in this massive gym. The functional training area features a Crossfit cage with TRX, squat rack, pull-up bars, battle ropes and a boxing bag. There ae state of the art resistance machines for full body training in the strength training zone, and free weights and supplemental gear can also be found nearby.

## Services The gym offers a unique opportunity to try out virtual classes led by trainers all over the world. There are more than 600 such classes screened monthly, and you can also book a real life session with one of the gym’s trainers.

## Resort Function The gym has clean and spacious locker rooms with showers, and a recreation area where you can refresh with a protein drink or try out the Yanga Sports Water system.

# How does a gym guest pass work at Lemon Gym IMANTA? Enjoy all the equipment and virtual classes in the Lemon Gym IMANTA with no commitment or language barriers, by booking a day pass through TrainAway. Find the gym in the app, book your pass and show it to the reception once you arrive.

# How do I find the gym in IMANTA Riga? The gym sits just next to the Piemineklis Rīgas memorial park, on the Slokas street in the eastern part of the IMANTA neighborhood. You can find the Daugava River and the city center with a 10 minute drive on the east, and the Bebru iela tram station is a minute walk from the club.