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Lemon Gym EUROPA

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# Lemon Gym EUROPA

Lemon Gym Europa sits in a shopping mall near the city centre. It is one of the most popular places to work out in the city, as it offers a lot of equipment for all goals and interests. It is now also accessible to travelers quickly and affordably with a TrainAway day pass.

# What fitness facilities does Lemon Gym EUROPA offer?

## Equipment This large gym is separated into several exercise areas, that cater to a variety of workout styles. The stretching zone offers convenient equipment for warmup and cooldown. The zone with power trainers offers heavy barbells, weights and racks, and you can also find more weights as well as resistance machines in the free weight zone. The cardio zone offers elliptical trainers, rowers and bikes, while the large functional area has tons of open space, a turf, TRX, kettlebells and power ropes.

## Services The gym offers more than 600 virtual classes led by global trainers, and you can follow them on screens around the entire gyms. There is also a variety of classes with in-house trainers, who offer personal training sessions as well.

## Resort Function The gym has a Yanga Sports Water machine where you can freshen up, and a lounge where you can purchase a shake or simply relax after your workout. The locker rooms are equipped with private showers and lockers.

# How does a gym guest pass work at Lemon Gym EUROPA? Lemon Gym EUROPA offers an affordable guest pass for travelers who want to train in their gym. To make use of this offer, book the pass in the TrainAway App, activate it and show to personnel when you want to work out.

# How do I find the gym in Šnipiškės Vilnius? You can find this gym on the Konstitucijos pr. street, in the southern part of the Šnipiškės neighborhood. The city center is just across the Neris River, and you can reach it with a 10 minute walk, when you pass the Kalvariju bridge.