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17.40 € per day

17.40 €

GYMVMT Calgary Place

Closes at 21:00

🏆 GYMVMT Calgary Place is a high end gym, best known for its encouraging and friendly personnel and a great range of modern equipment. The location in the heart of the city is both easily accessible and close to major landmarks, which combined with TrainAway day passes make it an ideal gym for travelers in the city.

🏋️ GYMVMT Calgary Place has everything your heart could desire. It spans over three floors and has spacious training areas packed with natural light and modern equipment. There are sections for functional fitness, weight training and cardio activities. The locker rooms are sophisticated and have steam rooms, and you can also join others in group activities in a large group class room that offers stunning views on the city.

📌 You can find the gym in 3 Street SW in Calgary’s downtown commercial center, and within a walking distance from Chinatown and Prince Island’s Park. The bus station is just across the gym, and there is also a light rail station one block away.

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