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Ginásio Clube Português

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# About Ginásio Clube Português A true city of sport is what defines the Ginásio Clube Português (GCP). This historic club founded in 1875 has everything - there is a restaurant, a hairdresser, a spa, a library, a language school, and a beauty center. The 6th floor gives you a great view of the river. The club has won more than 10 awards with its members representing the country in international games such as the Olympics.

# Fitness Imagine anything you would want to train in and most likely you will find it in GCP. It has gyms fully equipped, kids gyms, countless gym areas for different classes, sports such as fencing, soccer, tennis, capoeira, gymnastics, archery, volleyball, shooting sport, dancing. Any sport and recreational activity you want, you will find it here. The gym itself has any machine and equipment you would want for your workout.

# Passes To use the gym facilities in GCP you need membership which is different depending on your needs. By using TrainAway you get the benefit of using this super excellent facility using day passes, which gives you a lot of advantages.

# Finding the gym Ginásio Clube Português has located in Amoreiras a 7-minute walk from the Amoreiras Shopping Center. It is also a 10-minute drive from the Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology. There are buses and taxis available to GCP throughout the day.

# Summary Very few sports and fitness facilities in Lisbon can match GCP. The area is surrounded by major international hotels and business corporations, being a very busy business zone.

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