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60.27 € per day

60.27 €

FizKult Irkutsk

Opening at 07:00

We are doing everything for Russia to become a country of healthy, free and happy people. We strive to attract a wide circle of supporters of a healthy lifestyle to the Fizkult club, to become recognizable and beloved. # WE ARE ONE TEAM We are a team of talented professionals in love with their work. We make big plans and unite to achieve them. We support each member of the team, helping to reveal it. # WE ARE CONSTANTLY EVOLVING We are a young network of fitness clubs, which is committed to continuous growth. # WE ARE OPEN TO ALL The doors of our clubs are open to all supporters of a healthy lifestyle. We treat everyone with kindness and respect, regardless of nationality, age or social status. # WE SUPPORT THE TRADITIONS OF RUSSIAN CULTURE AND SPORTS. We support the best traditions of Russian culture and sports, transforming them into new forms and introducing the best in our clubs. # WE ARE RATIONAL, CONVENIENT, RECOGNIZABLE We strive to create such clubs and products that are convenient, rational and recognizable for our club member, in whatever area or city the Fizkult card is purchased.

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