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8.80 € per day

8.80 €

Fitness Hut Almada

Closes at 23:00

🏆 The gym is located in Almada and is offering everything from free weight areas, functional areas to cardio areas. With a gym area of more than 650 m2, the gym offers plenty of space and natural light. The gym is part of Portugal’s largest fitness chain, Fitness Hut, which is focusing on providing high-end services and equipment to a low cost budget. The chain has more than 30 gyms in Portugal of which 20 is located in the Lisbon area.

🏋️ Fitness Hut Almada has a fully equipped gym spread across 7 different areas as well as 3 group studio rooms. The gym also offers a modern sprint track.

📌 Fitness Hut Almada is located in southern margin of the Tagus River, on the opposite side of the river from Lisbon. Access to Lisbon from Almada is easy and convenient using the 25 de Abril Bridge. The gym is located in the central part of Almada, close by the Pragal Metro station.

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