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About Bodytech Santa Anita

Strategically located near the intersection of the pan Americana nte and the Ave Nicolas Ayllon at the Mall Aventura Plaza Santa Anita, this gym offers not only the convenience of location, but quality time for your workouts.


Divided into various zones for different workouts, Bodytech Santa Anita has made training enjoyable and gives you the space you need for training. For cardio, there is an area for it, different from the weight area. Stretching and abs exercises are in different areas as well.

Passes available

Through TrainAway you get a gym day pass giving you the convenience of working out when you are around and not worrying about additional fees. You get access to the gym anytime, any day you want without any membership attachments.

Finding the Gym

The location of Bodytech Santa Anita is hard to miss since it is within the busy Mall Aventura Plaza. It is well served by roads and buses are available from the neighborhood. The fitness center is a 10-minute ride from the Mercado Mayorista market on the Ave Nicolas Ayllon and also 10-minutes from Huacas and the surrounding hotels near. Other hotels are located within a walking distance from the mall.


The high tech machines and equipment make the Bodytech Santa Anita facility the go-to place for your workout. You will not miss anything you need during your time there. TrainAway has eased access to this facility with the gym day pass using the gym any day you want without membership commitments.

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What to bring

Indoor shoes, Towel, Water, Padlock


122 Minería
15008 Lima, Sanra Anita, Peru

Hours of operation

05:00 - 22:00
05:00 - 22:00
05:00 - 22:00
05:00 - 22:00
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Today: 05:00 - 22:00