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Bodytech Ovalo Guiterrez

Serving the middle zone of Miraflores district is the Bodytech Óvalo Gutierrez which serves tourists and beachgoers from the neighborhood. It is a few meters from Av. Sta. Cruz. The facilities meet high standards and are very spacious.


There are machines and equipment for different exercises in cardio, weights, and free weights all in different zones. The trainers are always there for any support you want. The facility itself is large enough to accommodate a lot of people and machines which are also plenty to cater to the many members and visitors who frequent the facility.

Passes available

The Óvalo Gutierrez Bodytech sports center is one of the gyms for travelers in Miraflores since it provides day pass for visitors on a day-to-day basis or 3-days, thanks to TrainAway. This helps in scheduling your training for short durations in an instant, without thinking about the registration process. Just buy a gym day pass and use the gym.

Finding the Gym

For beachgoers, the Bodytech Óvalo Gutierrez sports center is a 5-minute ride from the ocean or about 20-minutes’ walk and served by the Sta. Cruz avenue. It is also a 15-minute walk from the Huaca Pucllana and most of the hotels nearby.


The fact that Óvalo Gutierrez Bodytech facility is a walking distance from the majority of places makes it perfect for your workouts in the morning or late in the evening and spend your day visiting the Huaca or the beach having a good time and surfing.

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What to bring

Indoor shoes, Towel, Water, Padlock


855 Av. Santa Cruz
15074 Lima, Miraflores, Peru

Hours of operation

05:00 - 23:00
05:00 - 23:00
05:00 - 23:00
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Today: 05:00 - 23:00