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Bodytech La Rambla

The Bodytech La Rambla Brasil is located in the new and modern La Rambla shopping center in the Breña neighborhood. This sports center is well served by the locals who frequent the shopping center and those working in the surrounding commercial establishments.


Going with the modernity of the Ramblas, the sports center has the very latest and technologically advanced machines and equipment. The facility has a very large area divided into various zones for the different training programs. For cardio and weights workouts you get to train in different areas. It is also very clean throughout.

Passes available

For travelers, they get to use the gym using the gym day pass available through TrainAway. This convenience makes training easy for visitors staying for days since you only pay for days trained by using the TrainAway app.

Finding the gym

Located within the La Rambla shopping center and meters away from the Av. Brasil is easily accessible by bus that uses this route. It is also a short walk from the line1 metro station. For those coming from the Magic Water Circuit and hotels surrounding it, there is a 20-minute walk to the gym, a good warm-up for the workout.


The walking distance from the hotels and location in the shopping center makes the Bodytech La Rambla Brasil “the” place to do your workouts. This part of the town is always busy even during the night making walking to the gym safe even at night.

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What to bring

Indoor shoes, Towel, Water, Padlock


714 Av. Brasil
15083 Lima, Breña, Peru

Hours of operation

06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
06:00 - 23:00
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Today: 06:00 - 23:00